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The Meliorator

First, let's

Get some data via an API...

                            var settings = {
 "url": "",
 "method": "GET",
  "headers": {
	"content-type": "application/json"

// in this case, the data is obtained via an api already as a JSON object, and then we pass the result to 
// Meliorator to render for us a table respecting embedded images and objects... (basically, do nothing else)
$.ajax(settings).done(function (response) {


Then, with the parsed dataset

We can Meliorate

                            function initPanels(data){
	$('#table').Meliorator('table', {
		data: data,
		tableClass: 'derivedTable'

	$('#analytics').Meliorator('analytics-panel', {
		data: data



To get?



This amazing analytics panel for FREE!


Other Examples...

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It's Open Source!

The project is still evolving, but...